domingo, 17 de abril de 2016

Holiday transfers majorca

Hotel Transfers Majorca

Hotel transfers Majorca are the most affordable. Hotels usually offer services shared airport shuttle using a rate per person. The vehicle can be a minibus 14 or 18, 22 and 55 seats for passengers with their luggage fit. We transport oversized sports equipment; bicycles, golf bags, etc ...

You may have to wait up to 45 minutes for your bus or minibus shared transfer, and you might have to wait on the bus for passengers on other flights. Travel times vary depending on the number of collection points. Some hotels have more of a place for your bus can drop passengers at points along the way.


Transfers from Palma to Alcudia offer greater flexibility. Private transport vehicles can be a bus or minibus, depending on the number of people traveling. Private transport vehicles are for exclusive use while traveling to or from the airport, so they will not let the other passengers on the way. Private transportation services leave when you are ready, so do not expect a minimum. Private transfer service includes baggage handling and no restrictions on the number or size of baggage that you carry - only advise his agent at the time of booking to ensure that the vehicle type is available to you. Service private airport transfer services anywhere that is accessible by road - without the restrictions imposed by shared airport transfers.

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